14 October 2007 @ 03:02 pm
drop the pilot.. try my balloon  
Made some icons and thought I should promote them for once. Not because they're particularly special, but because I can.

They're for "Chuck" (aka, the show that Matthew Bomer starred in for, like, 5 minutes), "Entourage" and "Reaper" and here's a little preview:

For the rest just hop over to galbrush. :)

Also, a very quick glance at the new pilots I watched so far:

the good, the lame & the uglyCollapse )

Anyway, now I talked more about the bad stuff than I intended to. Next stop "Women's Murder Club", which I'm kind of looking forward to.
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03 October 2007 @ 09:32 pm
Hugo doesn't live here anymore  
My TV made "Boom" yesterday. :(

Or, well, actually it was more like "Poof", I guess. Like a burned out light bulb. Only bigger. Or maybe a reversed micro explosion. Just.. you know? Damn! My heart actually skipped a beat. So not cool.

some blah-blah and pictures, because I'm a dorkCollapse )

Oh, and look, my cat. ^_^
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01 October 2007 @ 09:02 pm
everbody's talking 'bout the new season already, so why can't I?  
So I'm a little late, because the new season has already started and all, but I kind of doubt anyone was actually waiting for this, so whatever. Just like last year this is mostly for my own pleasure, which is funny, because it can be a royal pain in the ass to write sometimes. I happened to revisit last year's list a couple times, though, so at least it doesn't seem to be in vain.

Generally I'd say I was pleased with last season. A lot of stuff got cancelled that I wish wouldn't have, but it's not like that's something new. I wouldn't say I'm used to it, but.. you know? It was also a little weird, because I was usually watching most of these shows with my brother, but since he moved out (and we moved elsewhere) half way into the season, watching the latter half was kind of a new experience for me. For instance, I cried a lot more. Then again, maybe I just got more reason to, I don't know. Oh, and the move brought yet another change with it (albeit a temporary one), because since so many shows were piling up during the months where I couldn't really watch anything, I watched a lot of them in chunks after that. You know, like 4 to 8 (and the occasional 11) episodes in a row. That was definitely interesting, but I'm not planning to make a habit out of it.

Anyway, let's get this over with. I apologize in advance for typos, missing words or sentences that give you headaches, but due to length I'm just not in the mood to proof read it over and over. Also be aware that there are a few spoilers in here (which is to be expected, I guess.. however, I tried to keep them to a minimum) and that there are once again 66 small images about to load simultaneously when you click on one of the LJ cuts.

Which reminds me, if anyone cares to have one of those pictures in it's original size (which is quite big in most cases) just say something, because I wasted so many hours to hunt them all down and would feel much better about it, if I could at least share my findings.



24Collapse ) Battlestar GalacticaCollapse ) Brothers & SistersCollapse ) Cold CaseCollapse ) CSICollapse ) CSI:New YorkCollapse ) Day BreakCollapse ) Desperate HousewivesCollapse ) DexterCollapse ) DirtCollapse ) Doctor WhoCollapse ) DriveCollapse ) EntourageCollapse ) Family GuyCollapse ) FarscapeCollapse ) Ghost WhispererCollapse ) Gilmore GirlsCollapse ) Grey's AnatomyCollapse ) Hidden PalmsCollapse ) HouseCollapse ) In Case Of EmergencyCollapse ) John From CincinnatiCollapse ) JusticeCollapse ) LostCollapse ) Masters Of HorrorCollapse ) MediumCollapse ) Men In TreesCollapse ) My Name Is EarlCollapse ) Nip/TuckCollapse ) Numb3rsCollapse ) October RoadCollapse ) Opposite SexCollapse ) Prison BreakCollapse ) ScrubsCollapse ) Six DegreesCollapse ) SmallvilleCollapse ) SmithCollapse ) StandoffCollapse ) Studio 60 On The Sunset StripCollapse ) SupernaturalCollapse ) The 4400Collapse ) The Black DonnellysCollapse ) The ClassCollapse ) The LairCollapse ) The LoopCollapse ) The Lost RoomCollapse ) The RichesCollapse ) The SimpsonsCollapse ) The TudorsCollapse ) TorchwoodCollapse ) VanishedCollapse ) Veronica MarsCollapse ) What About BrianCollapse ) Without A TraceCollapse )



BonesCollapse ) Burn NoticeCollapse ) CalifornicationCollapse ) EurekaCollapse ) HeroesCollapse ) Kyle XYCollapse ) PsychCollapse ) Tell Me You Love MeCollapse ) The O.C.Collapse ) TravelerCollapse ) WeedsCollapse )


And now I feel empty. And a little frustrated actually, because I once again failed at properly reviewing everything and fell into my whole rambling routine now and then. Next time I really have to remember to immediately write those when their respective seasons have finished, so I haven't forgotten all about them by now.

Also, now is the time where I would've uploaded some pilots for shows I think people should watch, but I'm tired of pimping, especially since my track record is rather sad, anyway, so I don't see the point, sorry. If it's meant to be you will discover those shows on your own and if it's not, well.. tough shit. It's not like you know what you're missing or anything.

If you care to have an idea of what I might have uploaded (and what I definitely wouldn't have), though, here's some Top (and Bottom.. because I'm versatile ;)) 5 lists:

at least this will be rather shortCollapse )

And.. that's it. I actually had a little statistic planned as well, but it had to go, because LJ told me that the entry was too long and couldn't post it. I didn't know that was possible, but.. yeah, well, you learn something new every day, right?

Regarding the new season, I haven't watched a single bit, yet. The last two weeks I was exclusively watching movies, because I really needed the break and the good thing is that it worked. I'm all kinds of psyched to jump back in the game now. And with now I mean once this damn thing is posted, which is, well, now! :)
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28 August 2007 @ 09:32 pm
an exercise in random  
*I spent the last two weeks putting the finishing touches to my vidtut and I think I'm pretty content with it now, but I still can't shake the feeling that I'm the worst teacher ever. Hmm. Time will tell, I guess.

*Which reminds me, I still have a fanvid left to post. From August 2006 no less. My god, that's ancient. Probably will do so later.

*Revised layout. Nothing major, just a new header and different pictures for the sidebar, because Henry Cavill is an evil bastard and pictures of straight guys with their hands in their pants should be illegal, but THANK GOD THEY'RE NOT! *dies a little*

*Visit from relatives last weekend and I made two cakes. None of which turned out the way I imagined them. They were okay, just.. you know, they didn't seem worth the effort in the end. Kinda sucks. Ass.

*HSM2 OMG!!! I can't watch it, yet, because I still have to get ready, both mentally and physically (meaning I have to tidy up my room a bit), but I'm soooooooooooo totally giddy and I haven't even listened to the Soundtrack, because I want the total experience and I'm not the slightest bit ashamed of that, because I'm still 20x cooler than people who listen to Avril Lavigne, woohoo! Anyhoo, I'm planning Friday, so wish me luck.

*Also, new Hot Hot Heat album on September 7th, whee! Teasingly titled "Happiness Ltd.". Not listening to the single, either, because I consider that a spoiler.

*And as if the crack will never stop.. "Hairspray" on September 8th! My mum (yes, my mum. So what?) is already notified and we still have some CinemaxX coupons, so we can even watch it for free, yay! Have been listening to the Original Broadway Recording for quite a few years now, though.

*What I always wanted to ask someone (and since now seems as good a time as any).. what the fuck does FTW mean? Because everytime I read it somewhere all I can think is "Fot the whuck?".

*Our landlord calls me Junior. I never knew people do that in real life. But it's cute, so I let him.

*I could really use some old-fashioned sex right now. If that's not random, I don't know what is.

*Wow, this post is completely retarded. And a grammatical nightmare. Sorry.
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27 July 2007 @ 09:42 pm
heavy petting for the masses  

Okay, so that announcement is a little late, because we got ourselves a kitten three weeks ago, but I wanted to have some pictures ready and those things take awhile. Plus it's still kind of weird having a new occupant in the house, so it's hard for me to concentrate on things (hence me neglecting my flist a little bit lately), because I'm constantly distracted.

proudly presentingCollapse )

Other than that, not much has happened around here. I actually developed a little bit of tv show sickness. I didn't know this was possible, because I have always been watching way too much, anyway, but it just feels like a Sisyphean task recently. I'm down to 172 episodes, though, so if I keep up this speed of finishing two shows a week I just might be done with everything important until the new season starts. Good thing I don't have a life.
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07 June 2007 @ 07:58 pm
I know, I know, two entries in two days, but.. I just got the most horrible news.

not for the faint of heartCollapse )
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27 April 2007 @ 11:51 pm
ripping off the Band-Aid® ..aka "resurrection, part deux"  
I can't believe it's the end of April already. Tomorrow it's exactly four months ago since we moved into our new home. That's just madness. It should be illegal for time to pass this fast. I mean, sure, I'm way beyond the age where six weeks (summer vacation, yay!) still felt like a lifetime, but it's just not fair and I'm an idiot.

Now, of course, all that doesn't matter, because if there's anything I learned in the past few weeks it's that whining is not helping my case. And even though I feel terribly guilty for having neglected my flist for so long and I'm so very sick of writing entries like this in where I have to explain what happened I.. forgot where this sentence is leading to. Thing is, I have the questionable gift to make matters that aren't supposed to be complicated unreasonably difficult and this is a perfect example and that's all I'm going to say about it. Except for one last thing maybe:

I'm sorry, I suck.

so let's skip to the facts and get it over withCollapse )

And that's all for now, because if I don't stop this shit soon, I'll probably scrap the whole thing and start all over again.. again. Obviously I still have to catch up on my flist quite a bit, so there might be some comments to stuff you long forgot about coming around in the next few days, but I promise I'll keep it short. Unless, of course, you don't want me to keep it short. I'm open for anything, because I pretty much owe ya.
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06 November 2006 @ 02:37 am
take a hi-five from a another zombie  
Hee, my hands are cold as ice, but I love this weather.

Now what I don't love is the employment center (or whatever it might be called), because they suck. Big time. Seriously, it's like everyone in that building lives in their own little world and just does and says whatever happens to pop in their heads at that time, so that I always end up trying to make sense out of their senseless-ness. And that's all I'm going to say, because there's too much foreign vocabulary involved to properly explain it. Plus ranting always depresses me. But they suck, that much's for sure.

Hmm, what else? Oh, I watched "War Of The Worlds" on Halloween and while it's not a horror movie it really was a horror to watch, because it's an unbelievably bad movie. And I'm talking Spielberg, not Haskin, of course. I enjoyed the original, but this one was just crap and had the single most dumbshit kids I ever witnessed on screen. The scene were Tom Cruise' son just had to see the battle on the other side of the hill and said something like "If you love me, you will let me go".. god, my brain was leaking out of my ears, because I just. Couldn't. Believe. The stupid. But I'm ranting again. I also watched "Halloween H20", which I hadn't seen in years, "Saw II", which couldn't live up to my expectations, "The Village", which was way better than people give it credit for, and "Feast", which was great on every level and the perfect movie to end the night with. Lovely gore, great cast, instant classic.

But anyway, the real reason for this entry is that I got myself a new layout. Just a few visual changes, because I'm still very much comfortable with Flexible Squares and not in the mood for too much html at the moment. Got rid of the sidebar, though. And if you like the 70s wallpaper thing you should hop over to galbrush, because there's a lot more retro chic where this came from. Oh, and the guy in the header is Justin Theroux. And.. no, that's about it.

I once said I would make it a habit to share music when changing my layout, but I feel like I already shared way too much of that with the last two entries, so.. next time, I promise.
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28 October 2006 @ 10:02 pm
dress code  
Someone registered himself at with my eMail-address. That's slightly discomforting, but at the same I couldn't care less, because obviously they can't finish the registration without the confirmation link. Fun stuff.

Anyway, I have yet another fanvid lying around, so before I let yet another year and a half pass by I thought I better get it over with and post it. This time it's for The Brotherhood II: Young Warlocks, which is an eclectic mix of G-rated "horror" and homoerotic innuendo from David DeCoteau, director of critically ignored C-movie fare such as "Test Tube Teens from the Year 2000" and "Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama".

But seriously, I don't think you have to know the movie to enjoy the vid. It's more of a funvid, anyway, And it's my fastest video editing job to date. Which hopefully doesn't show, even though there are a few bad descisions I made that I'd love to revise, but that would involve work and I'm way too lazy for that at the moment.

(may cause epileptic seizures!)

Also a very happy birthday to ruggerdavey, whom I wish lots of love, luck and, especially for tonight, health. :)
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26 October 2006 @ 05:21 pm
being A-okay  
Great, every time I get nudged, I'm in the middle of preparing an entry, anyway. :P
Guess there's some kind of psychic connection. Or maybe I'm always in the middle of preparing an entry. Will think about it later. For now let me give you some asterisks, because I've never done that and current events just don't deserve more than 2-3 sentences of anyone's attention:

*We will move in December. It's not that far from here, but then again it is and the whole change of scenery (no open water in front of our house anymore) is just awful, because the new village is not half as beautiful as it is around here. I'm trying to be in denial.

*I'm still a little estranged by this. At first I thought it was an attempt to make me feel better, but these bible quotes seem terribly random, so.. I suppose there's someone out there leaving anonymous comments trying to convert us? Which makes me all the more glad that I'm an atheist, because at least we don't need to recruit people.

*The Sims are evil. In an addictive kind of way. Thanks to them I'm even less present online-wise than I usually am.

*While we're talking about computer games.. can EA please release the fucking demo for Need For Speed Carbon already? The damn thing comes out November 1st, so shouldn't they start generating some buzz? I want my muscle cars. Like now. God, this is driving me nuts!


Also, a music meme:

Comment and I'll choose a letter for you. You then find 5 songs that start with that letter and post them in your journal.

icequeen3101 gave me the letter "A", because she got the same letter and knew how hard it was, so she obviously wanted to punish me. Alas you get 10 songs (actually it's more like 12) which I split up into two rars. I figured it's easier to download that way. Unless of course you only want one song out of each rar, because you know all the rest. If that's the case.. well.. life's a bitch.

A (Part I) DetailsCollapse )

A (Part II) DetailsCollapse )


And, last but not least, a fanvid. I made this more than a year ago and wanted to post it numerous times, but somehow I always got distracted. And if it wasn't for that music meme it would probably still collect dust on my hard drive, but the song I used starts with an "A", so I took it as sign. Except that I don't believe in signs. Either way, the result is the same, so here we go.

It's a CSI: Miami fanvid. Speed/Tyler, to be exact. I stopped watching that show a long time ago, because it made my brain hurt, but in the light of Rory Cochrane's untimely exit I couldn't resist offering some kind of requiem and.. well, I hope the few people on my flist who actually know the pairing will like it:

Bonus: Soulwax - A Ballad To Forget
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